Vegetarian Quinoa Stir Fry Recipe

Vegetarian Quinoa Stir Fry Recipe

I am obsessed with quinoa bowls for lunch! They are so easy to make and can be filled with a ton of veggies. Here’s my favorite quinoa stir fry recipe for you to enjoy!

What you’ll need:

1 cup of cooked quinoa

1 cop of halved grape tomatoes

2 handfuls of deep greens (I used a kale blend)

1 cup of frozen baby broccoli and vegetables

1 tsp of olive oil

2 tbsp of lime juice

1/2 tsp of sea salt

1/2 tsp of black pepper

1 tsp of gluten free soy sauce

Pinch of garlic


  1. Cook your quinoa on the stove or rice cooker following bag instructions.
  2. While your quinoa is cooking, chop your greens, tomatoes, and avocado to use for later.
  3. Once the quinoa is cooked, place it into a skillet with olive oil with the heat on low.
  4. Begin adding the rest of your ingredients (except the avocado) and spices.
  5. Stir often and season to taste (I love lime juice and added extra).
  6. Once your dish is fully mixed, top with avocado to serve warm or let it cool off for a savory side dish.


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