Review: Quorn Chicken Cutlets

Review: Quorn Chicken Cutlets

Hey gang! This week I decided to go vegetarian for a few reasons, but mostly because my body felt like it needed a good break of the usual cycle of foods that I enjoy. Some healthy, and others, well, not. I did become a vegetarian in my early ’20s, but I eventually had to give it up since it became difficult to find meat-free products that were also gluten-free after being diagnosed.

I started doing a lot of research earlier this month for brands that could fill my void of finding plant-based protein that I can easily digest. Qourn, is one of the brands that sparked my interest AND happened to be at my local market (win!). My local market only had two choices that were gluten-free; chicken cutlets and turkey roast. I decided to try the chicken cutlets, since that is my usual go to for lunch during the work week.

I have to say, I was very skeptical when I opened the box and saw the cutlets. They looked flavorless and fake. The chef in me saw it as a challenge and accepted the fact that I needed to make these “chicken cutlets” into something amazing.

I followed the box directions for heating up in a skillet and read the suggestion to add sauce. BRILLIANT. That’s when I decided to add a 3-cheese pasta sauce, Adobo (on everything!), black pepper and rosemary that I keep in my freezer. After cooking¬†on high for 10-15 minutes, it smelled amazing in my kitchen. And to my surprise, the chicken cutlets tasted amazing. Like, I will fight you for the last bite amazing. ¬†Tender, JUICY and took in so much flavor. These cutlets are the perfect recipe starter for whatever your taste buds desire.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone else that may be easing into vegetarian territory or interested in trying something new. I’m looking forward to incorporating more of their products into my recipes!

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