Review: Chebe Cheese Bread

Review: Chebe Cheese Bread

I came across this awesome brand called Chebe when I attended the 2016 Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo in New Jersey. I loved speaking with their team, learned a lot about their products and even hosted a giveaway earlier this month!

Since I’m a big fan of gluten free baking, I was excited to try their cheese bread mix. Especially because cheese + bread = my heart. I found the recipe to be straight-forward enough to where I was able to easily following along while having my toddler pour ingredients in for me. The box says that it makes 16 rolls, but since I flattened it out and preferred to cut it in circles, I ended up making 6 giant biscuits!

I found the end result to not be as fluffy as I would’ve liked, so I’ll definitely try rolling it less next time. The bread would be great for a breakfast sandwich! It reminded me of cloud bread in taste and texture, which lends itself to being useful in multiple ways. However, I would suggest adding in spices like chives, black pepper or even jalapenos to really kick it up a notch!


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