Gluten Free Spicy Avocado & Kale Pasta Recipe

Gluten Free Spicy Avocado & Kale Pasta Recipe

This week I needed a quick dinner recipe to make while my son was down for a nap. I used up the rest of our avocados and kale from last week for an easy, yet filling dish that is full of flavor.

What you’ll need:

1 box of gluten free pasta (I prefer quinoa for the texture)

3 TBSP of olive oil

2 fresh garlic cloves

2 tbsp of Ms. Dash Extra Spicy

½ cup of fresh baby kale

2-3 ripe avocados

2 Lemons

3 TBSP of Almond milk

Black pepper



  1. In a large pot, bring water to a boil with a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp of olive oil.
  2. While your water heats up, begin adding your sauce ingredients to a food processor.
  3. You will mix 2 tbsp of olive oil, the avocados, garlic cloves, baby kale, fresh lemon juice (keep the zest for later) and almond milk on low until it becomes a nice, smooth texture.
  4. When your water is boiled, cook your gluten free pasta for the recommended time (usually no more than 6-7 minutes).
  5. Drain your pasta and then pour the avocado and kale sauce over top.
  6. Serve warm and top it with a pinch of black pepper and lemon zest.

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