Gluten Free Bananas Foster Waffles Recipe

Gluten Free Bananas Foster Waffles Recipe

This decadent breakfast is an ode to my favorite dessert which my dad introduced to me years ago. I woke up this morning craving it and was happy to see I had all of the ingredients to come up with a version of my own. I find this dish to be so rich, that its better to share. However, if you’re up for a little indulgence, I believe that you should absolutely #treatyoself.

What you’ll need:

3 Gluten Free Waffles

2 Ripe bananas, peeled and sliced

Coconut Oil Nonstick Spray

A Skillet or a wok

4 tbsp light brown sugar

¼ tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of agave extract

1 tsp of rum extract (or vanilla extract)

1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt


  1. Spray your skillet with coconut oil spray, then, add all ingredients except for the yogurt.
  2. Place the skillet on low heat. As the brown sugar begins to melt, use a spatula to mix the ingredients and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. While your bananas are cooking, toast your gluten free waffles to a good crisp.
  4. Once the waffles are toasted, you can start assembling your stack.
  5. Remove the bananas from heat and pour a layer of the caramel-like sauce on top of each waffle.
  6. Finish the stack with the remaining sauce and top with a dollop of yogurt.

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