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Hi! I’m Shazmin Taylor 🙂

Several years ago I had my first visit to a nutritionist after months of digestive issues that had me in the hospital at one point. After several tests and an elimination diet, my nutritionist suggested a gluten-free lifestyle. As a pizza and pasta lover, the change has been challenging with painful setbacks every now and then. I’m in no way perfect, but I learned so much about myself, my habits and decided to take a stab at taking care of my health. I’m doing this for myself, my husband who is a type-1 diabetic, my sweet baby boy, my father, who is fighting pancreatic cancer for a second time and for anyone that needs a friend to help improve their life, one meal at a time.

Having the energy from a healthy diet helps me maintain my busy schedule as a new mom. I started this blog in 2014 as a testament to my staying on track, but hope that my recipes will help you or a friend enjoy a gluten free lifestyle full of love and great taste of course!



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